Are you willing to share the Truth until it kills you?

Are you willing to get your head chopped off for the gospel?

Are you willing to move to a different country, learn the language, and live there forever?

Are you willing to sacrifice telling people exactly where you are and not see your family and friends?

Are you willing to be in such a complete dependency on God that you will literally know no other way to survive?


These are just a few questions that my missionary friends challenge me to ask the guys I date. You think it’s hard enough to find someone of the opposite gender to date, try asking them these questions. This is reality for people who are called to the mission field. But what I am learning more about this calling is that I also have to ask myself a few questions as well.


Am I willing to give up dating for the sake of the gospel?

Am I willing to be single forever in order to take this news to the ends of the earth?

Am I willing to sacrifice having a family in order to be adopted into the family of another culture?

Am I willing to give up being a mother in order to take care of the children that desperately need my motherly love?

Am I willing to pour into every human I come into contact with knowing that I only have myself?


Dr. Rebekah Naylor is a single missionary who has served over 30 years in India, and had an interview recently giving advice to people who are called overseas.

“Loneliness is real, but it’s important to remember God is present and to pray for him to show his presence in a real way. Ultimately, God is more than adequate to meet your emotional needs. Even if there are no believers nearby, you can still find emotional support in the local community. I had Hindu and Muslim friends, and their support was significant.”


God will comfort your single heart in every way possible, but don’t give up on finding someone who asks you those questions as well. Not everyone was called to move overseas, but because you were, don’t lose hope that Christ will continue what He has begun in you.

  • Moriah H.
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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset

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